What Makes Brokers Different

What Makes Brokers Different

1. Communication-You will hear from us once a week regarding everyone that has seen your boat or made an offer.

2. If your boat is priced right, we will write a check.

3. We have our own finance company. Everything is in-house to process a deal which is a huge advantage over other companies.

4. We don’t list just any boat. We build a comprehensive market study, knowing what has sold, and for how much, so we won’t over or under price your boat.

5. The 45 day rule: If we don’t get an offer on your boat in 45 days, we start over. We throw what we thought out the window and look at it from a new perspective.

6. We will concentrate on your boat like no other broker. We simply do not have hundreds of boats for sale, so our ability to focus on your boat far surpasses most other brokers.